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About Us

LAVI|E LABEL was created as a wish to bring back femininity and to be able to offer women around the world romantic, plaful dresses that bring out their feminine side. Oversized and masculine clothes are becoming a large part of women’s fashion, that’s why we create designs that emphasise the feminine features. 

LAVIE woman is lavish, with an exquisite taste in fashion and a playful soul. Dreamy prints and comfortable materials attract the free-spirited and joyful woman. Every LAVI|E piece is made with love and attention to details. We create designs that integrate timelessness with sophistication and elegance and can be enjoyed over many moons. 

It is very important to us that we understand every aspect of our label, including knowing who makes our clothes and what environment they are made in.


The global fashion industry is considered the second most polluting industry. Due to generation of waste, exhaustive use of resources and unethical labor conditions, the world is facing the worst social and environment implications. Thanks to the growing consumer awareness, people can see the negative impacts of fast fashion products. This has led to the creation of a new marketplace for more sustainable and ethical manufacturing. 
Today, most of the clothing is so cheap we can purchase a dress for as little as a few coins.
But this doesn’t come without a price – someone, somewhere along the clothing manufacturing process is getting harassed and not paid properly.
The majority of the garments are manufactured in developing countries where workers are available at cheap rates and child labor is rampant. This is the harsh reality of the garment manufacturing industry. 

LAVIE LABEL cares about human rights and social justices.

All of our products are crafted and produced in Europe. We only support good and safe workplaces and fair wages for every person involved in the manufacture process. We aim to be kind toward people and also the environment. We know who made our clothes and that every person involved represents a piece of our brand. 
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